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Michigan Ross Receives $60 Million Gift

The University of Michigan has announced a $60 million gift from the Zell Family Foundation, to support the Samuel Zell and Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. The funds will support entrepreneurship programs for students, including a $10 million fund for student business ventures. Since its creation in 1999, the Zell Lurie Institute has fostered entrepreneurship at UM Ross and supported the creation of hundreds of start-up businesses, including more than 100 companies in the 2014-2015 academic year alone. The Zell Lurie Institute has been ranked in the top three programs for entrepreneurship for three years running. Helen and Sam Zell are both UM alumni, and have supported their alma mater to the tune of over $150 million (including founding a program in entrepreneurship and law at the UM law school and helping to support the university’s creative writing program). //

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Cultural Diversity And Cultural Competency - 1654 Words

Cultural diversity has different meaning to each and every one. Some of us considering cultural diversity to be acquired where for the others it’s a skill that they have to learn. It’s very important that the health care providers are knowledgeable and sensitive to cultural differences because they are the ones to deal with the patients of different background on a daily basis. Being cultural savvy will help them to give the best patient care. For that reason, health care workers must be especially aware that addressing cultural diversity goes above the values, beliefs, practices and customs. An outstanding medical professional has a good manner and makes patients feel comfortable and at ease during exams and treatments. Cultural knowledge is the skill to respond appropriately to people of different cultures, ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, and ethnicities, and embrace on the way that will allow a person to feel Katsanos 2 respected and valued. The article Diversity Cultural Competency in Health Care Settings discusses diversity in health care environment, A health care professional who has learned cultural competence engages in assistive, supportive, facilitative, or enabling acts that are tailor-made to fit with individual, group, or institutional, cultural values, beliefs, and life ways in order to provide quality health care. In other words, they demonstrate the attitudes and behaviors that enable them to effectively work with individualsShow MoreRelatedCultural Diversity Competency Essay1906 Words   |  8 PagesCultural Diversity Competency When thinking about cultural competence, it is hard to really understand without knowing what it actually means. According to Sue Sue â€Å"Cultural competence is an active, developmental, and ongoing process, that is something people achieve through ambition rather than it just being achieved† (2003). What kind of competencies it takes to be successful working in a culturally diverse workplace, and how to develop these competencies are two things this paper will discussRead MoreDiversity And Cultural Competency For Health Care1456 Words   |  6 PagesCultural diversity has different meaning to each and every one. Some of us considering cultural diversity to be acquired where for the others it’s a skill that they have to learn. It’s very important that the health care providers are knowledgeable and sensitive to cultural differences because they are the ones to deal with the patients of different background on a daily basis. Being cultural savvy will help the m to give the best patient care. For that reason, health care workers must be especiallyRead MoreCultural Competency And Social Work Practice1098 Words   |  5 PagesThe defines cultural competency as, â€Å"A set of behaviors, policies, and attitudes which form a system or agency which allows cross-cultural groups to effectively work professionally in situations. This includes human behaviors, languages, communications, actions, values, religious beliefs, social groups, and ethic perceptions. Individuals are competent to function on their own and within an organization where multi-cultural situations will be present† (2016). Our communitiesRead MoreThe Importance Of Cultural Competency On A Healthcare Organization1021 Words   |  5 PagesImportance of Culture Competency in a Healthcare Organization The information in this paper is based on interviews from two executives, research, and personal experiences. Further it will define cultural competency and provide the viewpoints from two executive level employees on the importance of developing a culturally competent environment for their patients and staff in the healthcare setting. Cultural competency from the health care perspective is defined according to † (Betancourt, J.R.Read MoreCultural diversity is defined as the cultural variety and cultural differences that exist in the600 Words   |  3 PagesCultural diversity is defined as the cultural variety and cultural differences that exist in the world, a society, or an institution and or the inclusion of diverse people in a group or organization. ( This paper will discuss some of the general competencies required to be successful while working in a culturally diverse environment. Not only is diversity in the workplace inevitable it is necessary and makes perfect business sense. The concept of diversity within the workplace includesRead MoreThe Effects Of Culture On Health Care1642 Words   |  7 PagesConsequently, it is essential that health care organizations improve its cultural competency. Overall, the increased diversity in the population and the documented health care disparities have made cultural competency essential in order, to ensure that every patient receives quality health care services (Haynes, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to explore the effect of culture on health care. Define the Role of Cultural Awareness in the Management of Health Care Culture is the integrated patternsRead MoreCultural Competency: Trasforming Conflict into Unity1540 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States of America is infamous for being a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. The diversity in America is great and in theory is an amazing asset to this nation. However, as a society we tend to allow our differences to segregate us and alienate those who are different. By not embracing the diversity among us, many complications are created. For instance, as a result of an inability to respect other cultures, prejudice, discrimination, and tragic violence often occurRead MoreA Letter From District Administrator1569 Words   |  7 Pagescommitment, we have formed a Strategic Diversity Planning team that consists of district and school administrators. The team reflected on the district mission, vision, student demographics, and performance data. Our extensive reflection revealed the need for improvement in educating each student. In response to the change in our student population and performance, the planning team volunteered countless hours of their time to create this Strategic Diversity Plan. This strategic plan will ensureRead MoreCultural Diversity in Nursing Care: An Analysis1458 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Cultural Diversity in Nursing Care An Analysis The United States is a country comprised of dozens of different cultures. The definition of this nation has, at its basis, a strong element of diversity. From its incipience as a country, the U.S. has thus promoted, above all, acceptance of all cultures, and has taken unique elements from these cultures and placed them towards building a varied, strong, and accepting society. Today, the nursing field is one of the few that must be aware of differencesRead MoreIn The United States It Is Estimated That By 2043, Nonwhite1558 Words   |  7 Pagespopulation. With a shift in demographics, the health sector in various central Ohio counties has proven that they are not prepared enough to handle a diverse community. There are many reasons as to why cultural competence is lacking in health care. From racism, lack of proper education, lack of diversity in the workforce, communication problems, absent shared decision-making, and minority unawareness. These can all lead to diseases and illnes ses that left untreated and without proper care lead to health

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Definitions of Literature (Cited) - 2215 Words

Definitions Literature (from Latin litteraetantri (plural); letter) is the art of written works, and is not bound to published sources (although, under circumstances unpublished sources can be exempt). Literally translated, the word literature means acquaintance with letters (as in the arts and letters). The two major classification of literature are poetry and prose. Literature is at times differentiated from popular and ephemeral classes of writing. Terms such as literary fiction and literary merit are used to distinguish individual works as art-literature rather than vernacular writing, and some critics exclude works from being literary, for example, on grounds of weak or faulty style, use of slang, poor characterization†¦show more content†¦Critics may exclude works from the classification literature, for example, on the grounds of a poor standard of grammar and syntax, of an unbelievable or disjointed story-line, or of inconsistent or unconvincing characters. Genre fiction (for example: romance, crime, or science fiction) may also become excluded from consideration as literature. Frequently, the texts that make up literature crossed over these boundaries. Illustrated stories, hypertexts, cave paintings and inscribed monuments have all at one time or another pushed the boundaries of literature. Different historical periods have emphasized various characteristics of literature. Early works often had an overt or covert religious or didactic purpose. Moralizing or prescriptive literature stems from such sources. The exotic nature of romance flourished from the Middle Ages onwards, whereas the Age of Reason manufactured nationalistic epics and philosophical tracts. Romanticism emphasized the popular folk literature and emotive involvement, but gave way in the 19th-century West to a phase of so-called realism and naturalism, investigations into what is real. The 20th century brought demands for symbolism or psychological insight in the delineation and development of character. The Muslim Scientist and Philosopher Imam Jafar al-Sadiq defined Literature asShow MoreRelatedSignificance Of The Research And Theoretical Contributions855 Words   |  4 Pagesbeginning in the very first paragraph of the article. The article started with a theoretical gap of the diverse and multi-faced definitions of the term creativity and how the term is actually used in Hong Kong’s context of educational reforms. By comparison between the definition of creativity provided by the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council (CDC) and prior definitions provided by Guilford (1950) and Amabile (1983), the authors have stated at the end of the first paragraph of the article thatRead MoreThe Concept Of Integrated Marketing Communications1170 Words   |  5 Pagesintention.† IMC falls into both categories as a theoretical definition for some and a plan of action for others. Equivalently, its value is difficult to assess, as its range of definitions, confusion over implementat ion, and lack of empirical studies prohibit grounded judgments. Even vocal proponents of IMC, such as Don E. Schultz and Philip J. Kitchen (1997, p.8), acknowledge that there is not â€Å"any consistent or mutually agreed upon definition, description, or process to identify what is IMC and whatRead MoreThe Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Procrastination Among University Students1344 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"remains one of the least understood human miseries† (p.673 as cited in Klassen, Krawchuk, Rajani, 2008). Furthermore, tentative evidence, as studies have shown, suggests that procrastination significantly exacerbates both health and academic performance (Klassen et al.,2008;Sirin,2008;Choi Chun Chu,2005;Tan,Ang,Klassen,Yeo,Wong,Huan Chong,2008; Rabin,Fogel,Nutter-Upham,2011).Following from this, there has been a proliferation of literature surrounding procrastination and its consequences. SuchRead MoreEssay on What Is Literature and Why Study Literature711 W ords   |  3 PagesWhat is Literature? Why Study Literature? At often times, literature is thought of as lackluster works and long books and passages. People often think that literature is one thing, not knowing that it is in actuality composed of several elements that we all use in our daily lives. In order to get a clear understanding of exactly what literature is, we must first identify the definition. According to Merriam- Webster, literature is defined as the body of written works produced in a particularRead MoreDesign Of The Construction Project Life Cycle1501 Words   |  7 Pagesdesign process with activities which are able to eliminate wastes in the design process. The model is based on the set-based concurrent engineering (SBCE) concept that was identified in the literature review of this study. METHODOLOGY A comprehensive literature review was carried out to establish the definition of waste in the design process for building designs. This is part of the LT principle where waste is required to be eliminated in a process. As such, identification of waste needs to be establishedRead MoreLearner Autonomy1084 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is Learner Autonomy and How Can It Be Fostered? Dimitrios Thanasoulas The Internet TESL Journal 2. What is Autonomy? For a definition of autonomy, we might quote Holec (1981: 3, cited in Benson Voller, 1997: 1) who describes it as the ability to take charge of ones learning. On a general note, the term autonomy has come to be used in at least five ways (see Benson Voller, 1997: 2): †¢ for situations in which learners study entirely on their own; †¢ for a set of skillsRead MoreMarketing Strategy Concepts, Methodology, And Theory1350 Words   |  6 PagesIn this part, related literatures about marketing strategy concepts, methodology, and theory, are reviewed. These concepts, theory and methodology are the foundations of research design of this work. 2.1 Marketing strategy The material world is objective while the people’s psychologies are very subjective. The same concepts from different people may mean different implications. The concepts of strategy tend to be used in many scenarios and embody different meanings. The marketing strategy alsoRead MoreJob Satisfaction1487 Words   |  6 Pagesresearchers should clearly distinguish the objects of cognitive evaluation which are affect (emotion), beliefs and behaviours.[4] This definition suggests that we form attitudes towards our jobs by taking into account our feelings, our beliefs, and our behaviors. Definition of Job Satisfaction To begin a discussion on job satisfaction, one might logically begin with a definition. According to Webster’s Dictionary (1986), job satisfaction refers to how well a job provides fulfillment of a need or wantRead MoreEssay about Critical Thinking: Evaluation1572 Words   |  7 Pagesof an Academic Source This paper is a summary of critical evaluation of the suitability of an article as an academic source. The title of the article is Critical Thinking: An Extended Definition. The author, Professor Ken Petress, analyzes various definitions of critical thinking and provides his definition of the concept as well. It is vitally important when performing research on a topic that we completely understand the topic and that we can apply certain tests or questions to the topic inRead MorePsychological Status Of The Chronically Ill Rural Women956 Words   |  4 Pageschanges the relationship among the dependent and independent variable and provides an answer for the research question (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2013. p. 75). Inter-relationship is found among research question, hypothesis, theoretical framework, and the literature review (LoBiondo-Wood et al., 2013. p. 60). For this study, hypothesis could be: â€Å"Intervention of the computer will significantly influence the psychological status of chronically ill rural women†. In this hypothesis, Intervention of a computer

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The Aztecs And The Incas - 1135 Words

1. Introduction Imagine living in a world where everything is ruled by how the night sky looked. As the sun starts to set, the sky starts to get illuminated not by one, but by millions and millions of other stars! This is what the Aztecs and the Mayas saw every night. Both the Aztec and the Maya were a powerful and advanced civilization that were created separately from the Western European civilizations and did an amazing job doing so. Just like many other Ancient Civilizations the night sky plays a significant role in their society. Astronomy, Religion, culture and architecture are all aligned the stars. Both the Aztecs and the Maya originated in what is now the southern part of Mexico and other parts of Central America. The Maya are the predecessors of the Aztecs and much of their customs are seen the Aztec culture. But the Maya were not the first; there were the Olmec’s, Toltec’s, and the Chichimec’s before the Maya and Aztec. Progressively you see that each successive civilization impacted the next in aspects of the religion and the astronomy. The astronomy that the Aztecs and the Maya developed was phenomenal. They were both great at predicting eclipses, as well as being the civilizations with the most accurate synodic periods of the Moon, Earth, Venus, and Mars at that time period. Clearly these people knew what they were doing and what they were looking at. Astronomy was such and important piece to their culture that you can see in both of theShow MoreRelatedThe Aztec And Inca1616 Words   |  7 PagesSince class was determined based on ethnicity, social stability was directly correlated with racial diversity. Spanish conquest of the Aztec and Inca brought a new regime to America. The Aztec and Inca were considered the two most powerful and influential empires in Mesoamerica and South America. However, after Cortez conquered the Aztec and Pissarro defeated the Inca, the Spanish became the rulers of the newly acquired land and continued to expand their control. Spaniards in America adopted the socialRead MoreAztec, Inca And Aztec Civilizations1134 Words   |  5 Pagesof Mexico. The Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations were a few of the greatest ancient civilizations in history, but they each had distinct characteristics that helped them prosper into the great empires that they became. Each had their own fascinating ways of food production, governing system and culture. The Mayans were established first out of the three and settled in modern-day Mexico. Then came the Aztecs and they also settled in modern-day Mexico and the Incas were the last of the three andRead MoreMayans, Aztecs, And Incas Essay1540 Words   |  7 PagesThe Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas were civilizations that settled in Central and South America thousands of years ago. There are vastly similar to each other, but also very different. They each had their own ways of growing their civilizations into what they needed to be successful. They had their own cultures and ways of life, but the ideas of each of them similarly came together in one way or another. The Mayan civilization was located in Central America on the Yucatan peninsula and down into theRead MoreMayans, Incas, And Aztecs Essay1586 Words   |  7 Pagesconvinced that the world was going to come to an end, there is one civilization that we can put the blame on, the Mayans. There were many myths and legends that come from the 3 major civilizations that we’ve all learned about; Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs. The Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs built great and legendary civilizations in Mexico, Central America, and South America and with understanding these three we get a better understanding of the early life in these places. The first of these three is the Maya civilizationRead MoreThe Incas and the Aztecs Essay874 Words   |  4 PagesThe Incas and the Aztecs Before the Spanish and Portuguese discovered the New World, there were many groups of people already living in South and Central America. Two of these groups were the Incas and the Aztecs. The Incas lived mainly in Peru, and the Aztecs lived mainly in what is today Mexico City. Although these two groups probably never came on contact with one another, they had many similarRead MoreIncas and Aztecs Essay1959 Words   |  8 PagesIncas and Aztecs Like the Athenians and Spartans of ancient Greece, the Inca and the Aztec bear resemblance to the two other ancient cultures. The Athenians and Incas were both more interested in developing their Arts as well as their military, but both the Spartans and the Aztecs were highly interested more so in warfare than religion. Although the Aztec and Inca never had to face each other, it is interesting to compare them because of their dominant positions of extremely large and powerfulRead MoreThe Aztec And Inca Empires990 Words   |  4 Pagesactions, for the Spanish onto the Aztec it was ridding the world of heretics worshiping Gods of blood. The Aztec and Inca Empires fell with relative ease to the Spaniards due to a variety of contributing factors. Hesitate action from leadership may have played a role at least for the Aztecs as according to Hernan Cortez; Moctezuma believed that he possibly was a God. Superior weaponry such as steel based weapons/armor played a significant role, as bo th the Inca and Aztec empires still relied on weaponsRead MoreAztecs And Incas : Similarities And Differences1422 Words   |  6 PagesThe Aztecs and Incas: Similarities and Differences The Aztecs were warrior people who lived in the Valley of Mexico, with the capital at Tenochtitlan, during the 1400s. Under their authoritarian state, the Aztecs worshipped their patron god, Huitzilopochtli, among other deities. Despite their warrior tactics and developed belief system, the Spaniards conquered them in 1519. The Incas (or Inkas) were the people who lived throughout the Andes Mountains from southern Peru to central Chile. With a societyRead MoreIncas Versus The Aztecs And Mayans Essay1315 Words   |  6 PagesIncas versus the Aztecs and Mayans The incas rose in 1438, they fell in 1533. They suffered the attacks of Spanish conquerors such as Spaniard Francisco Pizarro (1475-1541) and the spread of small box. At the peak of power the civilization extended 4,000 km (2,500 miles) and included 16 million people. They were extremely advanced, had an army, laws, roads, bridges, and tunnels. Inca’s were the most advanced civilization because of their government, agriculture, architecture and technology comparedRead MoreMaya, Inca, And Aztec Societies903 Words   |  4 PagesMesoamerica is full of rich culture. Expeditions have revealed monuments of valiant, female sultan erected for display and iconography feminine in appearance. Women have played a prominent role in defining cultures; such is the case for Maya, Inca, and Aztec societies. Maya culture relied heavily on the female population. Before, agrarian labor was seen as a male domineering field; however, studies of the Classic Maya culture indicates farming was a communal occupation. All citizens, including

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I Attended Western Kentucky University s Symphony Concert

I attended Western Kentucky University s symphony concert. It was on Friday, October 30th at 7:30pm. It was held in Van Meter Hall. Their event was named â€Å"It s time for a treat.† The symphony was conducted by Dr. Brain St. John. Before it began, I read over the program that was handed out to find out basic information. The history of the pieces helped in understanding them. The concert featured many well-known works by famous composers such as Camille Saint-Saens, Modest Mussorgsky, and Berlioz. The three pieces that are the most memorable in my mind are â€Å"Overture to La Cenerentola†, â€Å"Là   ci darem la mano†, and March to the Scaffold from Symphonie Fantastique. Beginning with the first piece called â€Å"Overture to La Cenerentola† composed by Gioachino Rossini in 1817. It was part of the Rossini s version of the opera, Cinderella. An overture is used to capture the audience s attention. It informs the audience the concert is about to beg in. This piece is still a good selection for an overture. The contrasting soft and loud pitches made a good way to get the audience s attention. Also the brass section became a vital piece towards the end with the intense The increasing and decreasing tempo seemed like a good warning that the main event was about to begin. I really enjoyed this music. I felt like it was light because of how the strings and woodwinds interacted. This helped the mood in the room go from somber to upbeat. â€Å"Là   ci darem la mano† by Wolfgang Mozart was myShow MoreRelatedLangston Hughes Research Paper25309 Words   |  102 Pagesmarried Charles Langston, the son of a white plantation owner and a slave. In 1888, Mary and Charles Langston moved to Lawrence with their children, Carrie and Nathaniel. (Nathaniel was later killed in a mill accident.) They bought a house near Kansas University and opened a grocery store. Everyone in Lawrence respected Charles Langston, but he was not a good busin ess man. When he died in 1892, he left Mary Langston nothing but a pair of gold earrings and a mortgaged house. Although Lawrence was foundedRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 PagesOperating Manager in Information Systems CASE STUDY I-1 IMT Custom Machine Company, Inc.: Selection of an Information Technology Platform CASE STUDY I-2, Inc.: Deciding on the Next Steps for a VoIP Supplier CASE STUDY I-3 The VoIP Adoption at Butler University CASE STUDY I-4 Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund of New York City CASE STUDY I-5 Data Governance at InsuraCorp CASE STUDY I-6 H.H. Gregg’s Appliances, Inc.: Deciding on aRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pagesstudy smarter save money From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources, WileyPLUS gives you everything you need to personalize the teaching and learning experience.  » F i n d o u t h ow t o M A K E I T YO U R S  » ALL THE HELP, RESOURCES, AND PERSONAL SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS NEED! 2-Minute Tutorials and all of the resources you your students need to get started Student support

Causes and Effects of Violence in Children Essay - 1698 Words

Recent research has shown that the relation rate between children and violence is increasing. In fact, the article Children and Violence states that as many as 10 million children per year may witness or be victims of violence in their home, schools, or communities across the United States. Childhood exposure to violence has a huge overwhelming impact on children’s development, affect emotional growth, cognitive development, physical health, and school performances. This increase in children’s exposure to violence suggests that more children are at risk than what was expected. Has the definition of violence changed or now the society does not consider the impact ferocity has on children? Merriam-Webster defines violence as an â€Å"exertion†¦show more content†¦A child can either be a direct or indirect target of violence in the home or they can be harmed by its occurrence. To many children, the indirect act of violence [such as mother being physically abused by the father] can still have the same effects as being directly abused. Several factors such as domestic violence, media violence, gender differences, antisocial personality disorder can contribute to child violence. Being a witness of domestic violence can be auditory, secondary, or visual. Children who either witness or see the injuries done to the family member face a more stressful environment. They can develop more psychological and behavioral issues than a child who has a stable family environment. These children being abused will more likely show destructive trends, mood swings, and uncontrollable manners, or may have difficulty with reasoning. In addition, they may see violence as a way of resolving conflicts since the adult family members they look up to engage in violent behaviors as a way of resolving their conflicts. Groves further supports the impact of domestic violence on children by stating that, â€Å"exposure to domestic violence deleteriously affects childrenâ⠂¬â„¢s social, emotional, and cognitive development.† She continues to state that children’s responses to domestic violence may vary according to the child’s age, proximity to the violence, the brutality of the violence, and the availability of adults who can emotionally protect or sustain theShow MoreRelated Television Violences Effects on Children Essay1080 Words   |  5 PagesViolences Effects on Children Most people read statistics like â€Å"Before the average American child leaves elementary school, he or she will have witnessed more than 8,000 murders on television† ( â€Å"Does T.V. Kill?† ), and worry about the negative effect viewing violence on television will have on their children. Research into the effects of childhood exposure to violent television programming shows that there is cause for concern. Watching violence on television does have a negative effect onRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On People1388 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effect of Media Violence on People Media violence impacts the physical aggression of human beings. It is one of the many potential factors that influence the risk for violence and aggression. Research has proven that aggression in children will cause the likelihood of aggression in their adulthood. Theories have evolved that the violence present in the media most likely teaches the viewer to be more violent. It is a risky behavior that is established from the childhood. Furthermore, media violenceRead MoreThe Effects of Domestic Violence on Children1529 Words   |  7 PagesProject: The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Trudy Root Kaplan University CM107-11 Children are negatively impacted by the surrounding of domestic violence in multiple ways, in which need to be identified. The audience that needs to be aware of domestic abuse’s effects on children is adults that care for children; such as pediatricians, teachers, counselors, and parents. The issue that needs to be addressed is the negative effects on children involved in a domestic violence situationRead MoreThe Dangers Of Domestic Violence Essay790 Words   |  4 PagesTitle: Domestic Violence Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the dangers of domestic violence and where to get help. Thesis Statement: Domestic violence is a crime that exist in all cultures, races, educational backgrounds and economic levels. Introduction Domestic violence is not just hitting or an occasional argument. It’s a mental abuse of power. The abuser tortures and control the victim by threats, intimidation, and physical violence. Around the world at least oneRead More The Effects Television Violence Has on Children Essay774 Words   |  4 PagesThe Effects Television Violence Has on Children Television has both positive and negative effects on children between the ages of two and five. Some research shows that violence in the media can be linked to aggressive behavior in children. Though, some researchers disagree with this statement and believe that there are other factors, besides television, which cause children to become violent. The following essay will reflect both sides of this argument. Violent television shows leadRead MoreSexual Violence And Sexual Abuse1153 Words   |  5 Pagespartner violence (IPV) (also called domestic violence, battering, or spouse abuse) is violence commented by a current or former spouse, opposite-sex cohabiting partner, same-sex cohabiting partner, date, or boyfriend or girlfriend (Gosselin, 2014).† Victims of this violence can be of either gender. Intimate violence can viewed as emotional, physical, verbal, economic and sexual abuse. These acts aren’t only taken place in a household; they can take place outside the home in public. This violence hasRead MoreThe Effects of Domestic Violence on Children1540 Words   |  7 PagesProject: The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Trudy Root Kaplan University CM107-11 Children are negatively impacted by the surrounding of domestic violence in multiple ways, in which need to be identified. The audience that needs to be aware of domestic abuse’s effects on children is adults that care for children; such as pediatricians, teachers, counselors, and parents. The issue that needs to be addressed is the negative effects on children involved in a domestic violence situationRead MoreFrom the issue I stated about racism, I found that this issue is very sensitive and absurd. Racism700 Words   |  3 Pagesand this cause people to fight against each other. Nowadays, the issue is still going on in our society. This is just not about black people and white people but also there’s still left a bit of racism between races in Malaysia. Racism cause a massive effects on society. Back then, racism was about how the white people treat the black people badly. White American think that black people is on lower standard than them. So at some part, they used black American for slavery. This issue cause tensionRead MoreEng 1011630 Words   |  7 PagesViolence in Music Videos and Music Lyrics has a negative impact on children. Music videos that expose profanity and sexuality are inappropriate and leave a negative impression on young children. Violence in music videos can cause health problem. Music videos that promote negative lyrics are affecting young children. Music lyrics with vulgar languages affect the development and well-being of young children. For example, the study author (Stone, 2009) found â€Å"that music with explicit referencesRead MoreDomestic Violence And Sexual Abuse896 Words   |  4 Pagesage? Introduction: What is domestic violence? â€Å"Domestic Violence is a pattern of behaviors used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, often inclosing the threat or use of violence†(Safe Horizon, 2015). Domestic violence includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and exploitation; therefore, this is in relation to â€Å"intimate partner violence, battering, relationship abuse, spousal abuse, or family violence† (Safe Horizon, 2015). People usually

Physical Child Abuse Cases

Question: Write about thePhysical Child Abuse Cases. Answer: Introduction The situation of child abuse can be explained as one where the parent or guardian of the child commits an act that impairs a childs physical or mental and emotional well-being(Sugaya, 2012). Child abuse can be judged by way of community value systems or by professionals that might seem inappropriate. Detection of cases of child abuse is necessary as if prevented it can greatly impact mortality and morbidity of a child. Children are vulnerable part of the population who are exposed to a series threats and abuse hence requires protection. Childhood requires basic physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs to be met in order to grow up to be a healthy adult. There are prevalent a number of child abuse in Singapore and the government is taking a number of steps and actions to prevent them(Abuse). The scope of this current essay deals detection and management of child physical abuse cases by detection issues that lead to such cases, evidence of measures taken and improvements for existing measures. Analysis While there are four main types of child abuse as physical, sexual, neglect and emotional or psychological, physical abuse impends mortality harm of the child and is discussed here. Physical abuse is when a child is inflicted physical injury or harm by non-accidental measures(Kimmel, 2007). Physical abuse can arise from deliberate burning, forceful shaking, slapping, physical punishments or from excessive discipline. Evidence of physical violence can be noticed in the childs intellectual development, persisting hostility, blaming or ignorance, rejection or discrimination of the child. Child abuse victims are present in all social sections or socioeconomic strata and racial groups(, Physical Child Abuse Singapore, Retrieved on 23rd February 2017). Particularly child abuse arises in independent household income or a single income household, which might lead to financial stress. Where parents or guardians educational background is low and social status is eithe r affluent or low income group. However, there is no significance of any demarcation of economic, educational or social surrounding of the child that might lead to abuse, it can arise from a variety of background and might be a result of mental illness, addiction or past experience associated with the parent(Stoltenborgh, 2013). In Singapore there are a hosts of measures that have been taken by the government in order to take preventive and correction actions against such parents. Laws regarding child abuse cases are evaluated to deter and deal with family violence by the Minister for Social and Family Development. There are a number of agencies that are set up to detect and prevent such cases as schools, hospitals implemented by Ministry of Social and Family Developments Child Protection Service (CPS)(, Retrieved on 23rd February 2017). Figure 1 : Steps to follow in case of Child Abuse Source: (, Retreived on 23rd February 2017) CPS has been actively involved in and is detecting cases related to child abuse and it has detected a total of 551 serious cases. Amongst such cases around 47.7% were physical abuse cases indicating the prevalence of high number of such cases(Kellogg, 2007). In the year 2012 to 2014 CPS investigated and detected a total of 400 cases each year. One of its landmark detection has been detecting child abuse in Pertapis Childrens Home by religious and social service assistant. they had been convicted and charged for abusing children. Another case was death of a two year old toddler of Mohamad Daniel Mohamad Nasser by his mother Zaidah and her boyfriend Zainin Jamari. Both of them had been sentenced in jail to serve a term of 11 years and 10 years respectively(, Children Abuse Cases Singapore, Retrieved on 23rd February 2017). Through creating awareness and ways such that schools and hospitals are able to detect child abuse, CPS has received over 2,022 reports with inquires of child abuse. CPS is enabling and equipping, charities and child protection specialists centers to handle cases related to child abuse(Norman, 2012). It wants to implement child protection system in a professional manner such that they can keep children safe as well without help from CPS. Another improvement to the measures taken by the CPS is to make neighbors and community aware of the impact of such cases so that they can come forward and report cases early. CPS has assured helpline callers identity will be kept confidential and thus, offering protection to children in need. Conclusion Child abuse is prevalent amongst multiple section of the society. While a ministry or a government body alone cannot be instrumental in detecting and resolving such cases, they are equipping communal bodies and protecting confidentiality of people who are willing to come forward to help. While CPS cannot alone resolve cases and make a difference, the community as a whole can make. References Lists Abuse, C. P. (n.d.). Child Physical Abuse. Kellogg, N. D. (2007). Evaluation of suspected child physical abuse. . Pediatrics, 1232-1241. Kimmel, C. E. (2007). Institutionalized child abuse: The use of child soldiers. International Social Work, 740-754. Norman, R. E. (2012). The long-term health consequences of child physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect: a systematic review and meta-analysis. . PLoS Med, e1001349. Stoltenborgh, M. B.?K. (2013). Culturalgeographical differences in the occurrence of child physical abuse? A meta?analysis of global prevalence. International Journal of Psychology, 81-94. Sugaya, L. H. (2012). 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